Available Pomeranians
These beautiful babies are only being placed as available due to difficult situations.

Mandatory requirement will be a fenced yard that they will be able to run and play and
be safe from any predators; human, animal or birds of prey.

These babies will have varying prices as I have found if someone pays nothing the baby has little
value to them and ends up going to just anyone if they decide they made a mistake in taking them or
they may put them in a shelter.  My prices are firm and if you don't want to pay the price, please get a
furbaby from a shelter.
This is Big.  As his name implies he is quite big at 25 pounds.  He cannot go to
just any home.  He needs a fenced yard, not good with kids or a lot of company.  
He is a great companion to a home with older people.  He is housebroken, loves to
be brushed, loves to sit with you  He will  be a best friend in the right home.  He
will sit in your lap and look up with you with the most beautiful loving eyes.  He
7 years old.  He was never bred and has been neutered.

AKC 200.00
This is Allie our beautiful English Shepherd. She has been spayed She
is extremely smart and very loving.  She gets along with kids and
friendly pets.  Unfortunately, my Poms are not friendly to her.  She
is so loyal, she sleeps against my back and it is the best back
treatment you can get.  She would be so happy in a home where she
could have a job and would the be the most loyal dog in the world.  
She is really a treasure.  If my other dogs would love her and stop
being mean to her she would
not be listed at all.  
She is an awesome girl.